Lola and Daisy Designs are a small family business, producing practical wood products with a twist for pets.

The inspiration comes mainly from love of great design and a lot of experimentations with wood.

Lola and Daisy Designs are currently producing a growing range of Raised Pet Feeders, Log Carriers and Herb Planters.

 Curved Raised Dog Feeder

A raised pet feeder design and produced by Lola and Daisy Designs with a range of several colours and three heights.

Raised pet feeders can benefit your pet by reducing gas and indigestion whilst providing relief for older and arthritic pets who may find meal times difficult.


L66cm x W28cm x H22cm / 26cm or 30cm

Bowl diameter is 21cm


Lola and Daisy Designs’ pet feeders are vacuum pressed with a durable Formica finish providing a smooth easy-to-wipe surface that improves hygiene.

Three Bowl Pet Feeder

A modern and durable raised three bowl pet feeder by Lola and Daisy Designs, produced in a variety of colour and height options.

The three bowl raised pet feeder was designed for cats and toy dog breeds.

It has two 13cm bowls and a 16cm central bowl for those of you with multiple pets, or just maybe for pets with complicated diets!


H 11 or 15 cm x W 56 cm x D 18 cm


All products are sealed with beeswax and rubber feet prevent slippage.

All of Lola and Daisy Designs’ products are designed and handmade-to-order in their UK workshop.

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